Top 11 Things to do in Imsouane

May 12, 2019

Imsouane is a laid-back surf town on the coast of Morocco that boasts incredible surf, fresh food, and a relaxed vibe. A buzzing fishing community bases itself in Imsouane, with rickety wooden boats that float in the shores of Imsouane’s bay where locals catch the freshest fish of the sea. After setting up base at Afer Surf Hostel, you can wander around the town to check out the top 11 things to do in Imsouane.

On the winding road into Imsouane, you’re greeted with spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and Africa’s Longest Bay that offer gentle waves that are perfect for beginner and intermediate surfers.

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Top 11 Things to do in Imsouane

Once in Imsouane, you’ll see wooden huts decorated with dream catchers, dangling seashells, and walls lined with colorful surfboards. Straw stools covered with patterned pillows and seaside wooden tables line the cliff on the northern side of town with views of Cathedral Point. It’s easy to spend a few hours in town sipping orange juice in the sun.

Time truly passes slowly in this tiny secluded town, surrounded by the desert and the ocean. It’s an ideal place to visit if you’re looking to relax and enjoy one of the most beautiful places in Morocco.

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Surf in Africa’s Longest Bay

Africa’s Longest Bay is located in Imsouane. It’s a gorgeous stretch of yellow sand and blue-green water with waves that are a surfer’s dream on a good day. The long, calm waves gently break and are large enough to give you a minute or two of the perfect surf. If the tide is high, you’ll have to climb down steep rocks and into the ocean, so be careful!

Surf Cathedral Point

Another awesome surf spot in Imsouane, the more advanced surfers can catch the swell just north of Imsouane town. Head over to the ride side of the waves to avoid the rocks.

Take a Surf Lesson

If you’re a beginner surfer, there are tons of surfing lessons in Imsouane to choose from. Your instructor will take you out into the ocean and teach you the basic surfing skills before you try to catch your first wave. It will cost around 300 dh for a lesson.

Eat Fresh Seafood

Since Imsouane is a fishing village, it’s also known for its fresh fish and seafood. You can indulge in the delicious grilled delicacies for lunch after a hard day of surfing. Make sure to save your appetite for the delicious dinner served at Afer Surf hostel!

Watch the Sunset

Imsouane is located on the west coast of Africa, meaning you’ll get incredible sunsets every single night. Head down to the beach for sunset, or up onto the cliffs just before sunset for some of the most spectacular views of the area as the sun sets below the horizon and turns the sky bright red and orange.

Hike up to the Viewpoint on the Cliff

For an amazing aerial view of Imsouane, hike up to the cliffs behind Afer Surf hostel. It’s truly a spectacular view, especially at sunset.  

Relax at a Café

There are tons of relaxing cafes along the beach where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful view. Some awesome cafes are La Crê-Pierre, La Soupe, and Bihi Imsouane Surf & Food. Sip on a tea or coffee and enjoy the afternoon sun. Make sure you also try the freshly squeezed orange juice that Morocco is known for!

Go Swimming

If you’re not a surfer, no problem! You can still head into the ocean and enjoy the water, even though it might be a bit chilly!

Go Skateboarding

Imsouane is perfect for skateboarding. The long, paved streets make it an ideal place to cruise around on a skateboard. We love to skateboard at Afer Surf Hostel!

Interact with the Locals

The locals of Imsouane are friendly and welcoming, and would love to hang out and have a chat. You can wander into the town and have your pick of trinkets and souvenirs for sale that help support the local community.  

Taste the Local Cuisine

Moroccan food is delicious and nutritious! From couscous, tagine, grilled fish, and lentil soup, the amount of different dishes to try is endless. Afer Surf hostel is one of the best places in town to try all of this local cuisine, with delicious dinners every single evening.

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