Afer Surf a made new hostel in Imsouane village

March 28, 2019

Traveling to a new country can be kind of nerve racking and it is easy to get pretty homesick.  At AFER Surf, you are immediately treated as if you are family when you walk through the door. The hostel is run be 2 open minded local Moroccans who are some of the kindest guys you will ever meet. This is what makes this hostel different from other hostels. AFER hostel started because the owners had a dream of opening a business that would allow them to meet travelers from all over the world. You will be treated with amazing hospitality and respect when you stay here, making your visit to Imsouane that much more memorable.

Breakfast at Afer Surf hostel in Imsouane

The food that can be purchased at the hostel is highly recommended. The dinners are authentic, Moroccan cuisines made by the staff members. These are some of the tastiest meals that you will find in town and are priced at a very reasonable cost.  There is also a really good breakfast that can be purchased at a low cost and is worth buying.

The hostel itself is at a location that is very easy to find. It is located right off the main road once you enter into Imsouane village. There are several options for the accommodations at the hostel, which includes a six-bedroom dorm, a four- bedroom dorm, and 2 double bedrooms. There is also a kitchen on the first floor for the guests to use. One last feature that makes the hostel stand out is the rooftop terrace.

Cosy terrace at Hostel Afer Surf in Imsouane