How to Spend the Day in Imsouane

May 13, 2019

The cozy town of Imsouane is tucked away along the coast of Morocco, hidden by cliffs and the ocean. People who spend their days in this coastal town are spoiled with incredible sunsets, fresh food, and the perfect surf. Leisurely days in Imsouane are spent socializing and catching the ideal wave.

The laid-back vibe makes it the perfect place to chill out for a much needed holiday. If you’ve come to Imsouane to surf, then look no further. This is how to spend the day in Imsouane while staying at Afer Surf Hostel, one of the most chilled out and social hostels in Morocco.

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6:30 AM Wake up and Grab a Coffee or Tea

What better way to start the day than drinking a nice cup of coffee or tea? The shops in Imsouane slowly wake up as the sun peaks above the horizon. Grab a coffee, tea, or juice at one of the few shops in town before you head out into the ocean.

7:30 AM Go Surfing

The waves in the early morning are perfect for beginner surfers. You can rent a board and wetsuit at any of the shops in town, and then head down into the water.

How to Spend the Day in Imsouane
Morocco is perfect for road tripping!

10 AM Eat Breakfast at Afer Surf

The daily breakfast of fruit, eggs, tea, and coffee at Afer Surf Hostel is the perfect thing to indulge in after catching some waves. Everyone at the hostel sits together at the rooftop to eat and enjoy the sun.

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11 AM Surf, Skateboard, or Chill at a Cafe

The waves are good throughout the day in Imsouane. You can choose to have another, more laid-back surf session in the early afternoon, or grab a coffee or orange juice at one of the cafes in town like Momos or La Cre-Pierre. Or, grab a skateboard and head into town to skate. The streets are perfectly paved and great for skating!

2 PM Grab Lunch in Town

Time to eat! Cafes in Imsouane serve delicious local fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, tagine, and couscous. Try a meal at Sunset Beach Cafe, they’re known for their delicious food!

5 PM Go Surfing

High tide tends to be in the evenings, so be careful when climbing down the rocks into the bay. The waves are perfect for beginner and intermediate surfers, and you can watch the sunset behind the cliffs.

7:30 PM Watch the Sunset

If you’re not surfing, head to Cathedral Point to catch the sunset. The sunsets in Imsouane are some of the most spectacular ones in Morocco!

8:30 PM Eat Dinner at Afer Surf or in Town

Most nights there is a family dinner at Afer Surf hostel. We cook up some delicious tagine, couscous, fish, and lentil soup dishes. If there isn’t a family dinner in the evening, we will all grab a bite to eat together in town.

11 PM Sleep!

Curl up in your bed and get a good nights sleep before starting the day again tomorrow!

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