Top 10 Reasons Why Afer Surf Hostel is the Best Hostel in Morocco

May 16, 2019

It can be difficult choosing a hostel to stay at while traveling. There are always so many different choices, and sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what you’re looking for. We can totally vouch for this, since we are also travelers ourselves. Luckily, we know what makes a great and sociable hostel you’ll want to stay at for weeks on end – you’ll definitely want to come and stay at Afer Surf Hostel when you’re in Imsouane. Here are the top 10 reasons why Afer Surf Hostel is the best hostel in Morocco!

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Afer Surf is a brand new hostel in the homey surf town of Imsouane. Imsouane, which serves mainly as a local bustling fishing village, is home to tons of cafes and Africa’s Longest Bay. The Bay and Cathedral Point are popular spot for surfers, and you’ll find people riding the waves from sunrise to sunset. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced surfer, make sure you add Imsouane to your list of beautiful destinations to visit in Morocco.

Healthy Family Breakfast Every Morning

We know how important breakfast is, especially when you’re active all day and spending hours in the sun. Breakfast can make or break your day, and it’s also a great meal to enjoy over a good chat with new friends. At Afer Surf Hostel, everyone meets on the rooftop terrace for breakfast at 10 AM. We serve egg tagine and a fruit, yogurt, and oat bowl, tea, and coffee. It’s the perfect meal to munch on after a morning surf.

Healthy Family Dinners

Dinner is just as important as breakfast (in fact, every meal is important!). After spending your day in the ocean and surfing, come chill at Afer Surf Hostel with the other guests for a delicious meal. Most evenings, we serve delicious and healthy dinners on the rooftop! We serve dishes like chicken tagine, salads, lentils, soup, grilled fish, and vegetable couscous. If we’re not making dinner that night, we’ll head out into town as a group for a good dinner.

Amazing Location Near the Sea

We love the ocean! Our hostel is only a few minutes walk away from the sea. It’s just far enough away from the center of town to give it a secluded feel, but close enough that you can see the ocean from our rooftop. Grab a surfboard and head down into the waves.

Comfortable and Spacious Rooms

It’s important for every hostel to be comfortable. It is home for some time, after all! We have some of the most comfortable blankets and pillows in Morocco. The dorm rooms are big enough that you have your own space, and the private rooms are spacious and let in a lot of natural light. We also provide lockers for personal items. The gorgeous minimalist decorations and subtle decor gives our rooms a comfortable and cozy ambiance.

Cheap double room in Imsouane

Super Clean Hostel

We’re always cleaning the hostel and making sure it’s spotless. You don’t have to worry about sharing the bathroom with strangers in our home!

Friendly and Welcoming Staff

Our staff members love to interact with our guests. There’s nothing better than walking into a hostel and meeting a staff member who has a big smile on their face! We also love to hang out with our guests, and will definitely join you by surfing, playing card games, watching movies, or grabbing lunch in town. We love to hang out and get to know our travelers!

Beautiful and Cozy Rooftop Terrace

A common area in a hostel is the best way to hang to meet other travelers. We’ve decorated our rooftop terrace with comfort in mind. It’s where we meet for meals, good conversation, and a beautiful aerial view of Imsouane. Come and relax on one of our couches, grab a pillow and a blanket, and relax!

Easy and Efficient Communication with Staff

We’re always available in case you ever need anything. We always make sure to have our phones at hand and that there’s always a staff member or two at the hostel to make sure our guests feel safe and comfortable.

Backpacker Prices

We know how important it is to travel on a budget. Our affordable dorm rooms, breakfasts, and dinner prices makes it the perfect place for travelers on a budget. Check out our prices below.

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Everything is Brand New

We’ve just opened up our hostel, which means everything is brand new! The beds, pillows, decorations, bathrooms… so come on down to our brand new hostel, Afer Surf, and spend a while in the beautiful surf town of Imsouane.

Have we convinced you to come on down to Afer Surf yet after reading these top 10 reasons why Afer Surf Hostel is the best hostel in Morocco? We’re looking forward to meeting you and having you stay with us!

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