Surf Imsouane a cozy fishing village

March 28, 2019

Surf Imsouane

If you have done your research, you may have seen that Morocco is a hotspot for surfing. The whole coastline of Morocco has some of the best surf in the world but is mainly known for having some of the longest right hand point breaks. People will fly from all over to come surf these waves and once you see it in person you will understand why.

Imsouane is a small, cozy fishing village located right in between the Agadir and Essaouira. This surf spot is known as “The Bay” and mainly ridden by longboarders. You can ride shortboards here, you just need a bigger swell, otherwise you may get a bit frustrated because it is a bit of a slower wave and can be tough to get a wave due to a large crowd. The wave offers a ride that can last 1-2 minutes long if you catch it out at the point. There are multiple nose riding sections and a big open face for you to do a handful of cutbacks and maneuvers on. There are a few things that are important to know before you come and surf here. After surfing this wave for a decent amount of time, these are pointers for you to keep you and everyone else safe in the water.

First off, when the swell is smaller the crowd can be quite massive. Since this wave has blown up, there has been a huge growth in surf tourism to this village. The wave can become pretty crowded but there are so many waves that come through that it is easy to still be able to get a lot of waves. If you are a beginner, it is very important to be mindful of other surfers of the other people in the water and understand some of the “rules” when it comes to taking off on a wave. If everyone understands the importance of this, then everyone can stay safe in the water.

Next, knowing the conditions of the surf is a major factor for this wave. The Bay is best surf on a low or mid tide. When it is high tide, the wave almost disappears and is not very good. When it is peak low tide the rip current is very strong, making it seemingly impossible to get out into the line up. The best way to get out is right by the break wall. When the current is strong, it will sweep you down the beach in minutes. If this happens, simply get out on the shore by the cliffs and walk back to the point. The Bay needs a Southwest or a North swell to break and is best around the 5- 10 ft. range.

When it comes to renting a surfboard, there are multiple places in Imsouane village to rent. You can find good quality short boards, longboards, and hybrids here and the boards are in great shape. They will cost anywhere from 80- 100 MAD for a day rental but you can sometimes make a deal if you rent for a longer period of time.

Finally, it is important to know that this is more of a rural surf spot and there are no Lifeguards here. If you are a beginner or are fairly new to surfing, make sure you know what your limits are and what you are capable of doing. The ocean is a very powerful place and there is not someone watching to get you out of trouble if you need help. If you feel like the waves are too big and are feeling more worried than excited, trust your gut feeling and take it easy.

We hope that this article is able to help you get a better perspective on what it is like to surf in Imsouane. Stay safe in the water and have fun surfing some on the longest waves in the world.