5 Secret Spots in Imsouane You Have to Visit

May 22, 2019

Imsouane isn’t only an awesome surfing village. There are tons of hidden gems in Imsouane that you may not know about, especially if you’re only visiting for a short time! There’s more to Imsouane than meets the eye, which is why it’s such an amazing place to come and stay for a few weeks. The staff at Afer Surf Hostel love exploring and know Imsouane like the back of their hands. These are our favorite 5 Secret Spots in Imsouane you have to visit.

Secluded Rock Pools Along the Atlantic Ocean

If you hike along the sand dunes just outside of Imsouane (near the campsite) you’ll find beautiful and secluded rock pools that you’ll have completely to yourself. Only a local fisherman or two may pass by. Otherwise, jump into the gorgeous natural pools that give you spectacular views of the ocean. They’re shallow and perfect for sitting, once you get used to the cold! Enjoy watching the waves crash against the rocks, and if you’re brave, you can climb up to the top of the rock for an even better view. If you go at low tide, the pools are the perfect size.

Cliff Side Viewpoint

If you walk all the way down Africa’s Longest Bay and then up a long, steep staircase, you’ll come to a road along the cliff side with incredible views of the Bay. You can see the town next to us as well as all of Imsouane.

Cathedral Point Viewpoint

Walk past all of the restaurants and you’ll be on top of the cliff with an amazing view of Cathedral Point. You can walk on the sand dunes right along the cliff’s edge for spectacular photos of the ocean and the sand dunes.

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Street Art & Blue Alleyways

There’s gorgeous artwork around Imsouane; see if you can find the alleyways painted blue! You’ll have a beautiful view of the ocean and the surfers in the bay while being surrounded by a very pretty and vibrant blue wall.

Our guests enjoying the cafe!

The Beach Room at Cafe Cre-Pierre

Cafe Cre-Pierre is comfortable, and the decorations are perfect for a beach cafe. If you walk up to the second floor, you’ll be in a room decorated with seashells, dream catchers, surfboards, and tiny van replicas.

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